May you be blessed this New Year with awareness, inner peace, true love and unconditioned joy.

May your steps get you closer to a rich and meaningful life.

May you experience to slow down and connect with life, fully and without defence.

May you learn to step back and watch your thoughts and emotions gently, with an attitude of openness and curiosity.

May you free yourself from your mind avoiding the trap of destructive thoughts and emotions through mindfulness and self-compassion.

May you be able to focus on what really matters and act purposefully to create a rich, full, and meaningful life ; while accepting the pain that inevitably goes with it.

May you be able to embrace new challenges ; find your inner purpose, and identify the core of passion and excellence within you.

On this New Year, you may reflect on yourselves ; celebrate your achievements ; take a wise lesson from your mistakes ; learn openness and flexibility ; rediscover the strengths, courage, and resilience that lies within you ; and continue to move forward to unfold new horizons ; realize your dreams ; to be who you are and become what you are capable of.

I wish you could see how unique you are.

Whatever road you choose, do not forget to enjoy the view and smile.

Gilles Favro – January 1st, 2021
Be & Become

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